Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stir, Brewing Jinni, part III

"The Sybelline Prophetess"

It's been nearly six months now since the London Sunday Times broke the story of Sibel Edmonds' allegations of a network of moles operated by Turkish and Israeli intelligence having infiltrated U.S. nuclear research facilities with the aid and abetting of high ranking State Department, Pentagon, Congressional and think-tank figures, whose mug-shots can be found at Edmonds' State Secrets Privilege Gallery.

Since the story broke, there was a flurry of interest in the world press, but scarcely a peep out of the U.S. news media majors. And, in spite of his campaign promise to hold hearings on the Sibel Edmonds case, Rep. Henry Waxman has seen more fit to drag steroid junkies in front of his Congressional committee. All this blindsight is quite telling of to whom these characters are beholden. If you should happen to cross any of their paths on the street, my advise is that you should SPIT IN THEIR FACES. To Henry Waxman: SPIT IN HIS FACE. To Donald Graham and Arthur Sulzberger, publishers of the Washington Post and the New York Times, not seeing fit to print the biggest corruption story far beyond Watergate and the Pentagon Papers: SPIT IN THEIR FACES. To the gallery of bobbing, blathering media dicks, Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, Brit Hume, Charles Goodman, Jim Lehrer... SPIT IN THEIR FACES. To that beady-eyed cunt Katie Couric: SPIT IN HER FACE. To that little chipmunk runt George Stephanopolis: SPIT IN HIS FACE. Tim not missed. To those purportedly "reputable" and "courageous" journalists and commentators such as Bill Moyers and Keith Olberman, who idolize Edward R. Murrow, but who apparently lack the nerve for this story... well, chide them for this omission and say, "I ought to spit in your face, sir." To that one time reputable journalist but now insider so ensconced with his political handlers as to deserve the title "kept whore," Bob Woodward: muster a big ball of phlegm in your throat and SPIT IN HIS FACE.

In mentioning the latter, I am reminded that the Sibel Edmonds case took an interesting turn in a follow-up to the Times story. Here, it was revealed that the State Dept. official (likely she refers to Marc Grossman) who had been aiding and abetting the mole network had also tipped off Turkish intelligence that Brewster Jennings & Associates was a CIA front company in nuclear counter-proliferation operations.

Now, another story that all of the above mentioned journalists did cover concerned the outing of Valerie Plame, a covert CIA agent associated with Brewster Jennings. It was believed at the time that in outing Valerie Plame, the Bush administration had also betrayed Brewster Jennings. But, as Edmonds alleges, the cat was already out of the bag. This would then resolve a few lingering issues in the Plame case. Scooter Libby of course was the official who was convicted of obstruction of justice. However, it was never alleged that it was he who first mentioned Plame's name to journalists. Rather, as was later revealed, it was Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who casually discussed Plame with Bob Woodward. Armitage has washed his hands in this matter by claiming that he was unaware of Plame's covert status. This seems a likely story. However, perhaps he was aware instead that she was no longer covert, as the front company she had been associated with had long since been put out of commission.

Woodward, for his part in the conversation with Armitage, chimes in with the opinion that it's no big deal: "why does that have to be a big secret?" he asks. Both Armitage and Woodward seem to know much more than they let on. That they (and Woodward in particular, being after all a reporter) have nothing more to say on the matter suggests they have bigger fish, or underlings (Grossman was one rank beneath Armitage), or perhaps themselves, to protect.

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